Lake Edward - Queen Elizabeth National Park

Lake Edward – Queen Elizabeth National Park

Lake Edward is one of the prominent natural features within Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park. It is a large freshwater lake located on the western border of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The lake plays a significant role in the park’s ecosystem and offers visitors a wide range of experiences. Here’s a detailed description of Lake Edward and its significance within Queen Elizabeth National Park:


Lake Edward, named after King Edward VII, is a freshwater lake covering approximately 2,325 square kilometers. It is part of the Albertine Rift Valley system and is connected to Lake George by the Kazinga Channel, a notable waterway within the park. The lake is surrounded by picturesque landscapes and is an integral part of the park’s rich biodiversity.

Geography and Geology

Lake Edward is situated at an elevation of approximately 920 meters (3,020 feet) above sea level. The lake is shallow, with an average depth of 17 meters (56 feet), and reaches a maximum depth of 112 meters (367 feet). The surrounding area features a mix of savanna, grasslands, and forested areas, creating diverse habitats for wildlife.

The lake is part of the Great Lakes system and is fed by several rivers, including the Rwindi, Rutshuru, and Nyamugasani. It also serves as an outflow point for the Kazinga Channel, which connects it to Lake George.

Wildlife Found At Lake Edward

Similar to Lake George, Lake Edward holds the status of a Ramsar site, recognized for its critical wetland habitat. This freshwater lake is home to a variety of fish species, including Nile tilapia and blue-spotted tilapia, which contribute to the area’s rich biodiversity.

Fishing plays a vital role in the local economy, providing livelihoods for residents in the surrounding areas. The largest fishing village, Vitshumbi, is located along the shores of Lake Edward and serves as a hub for this important industry.

The banks of Lake Edward are teeming with wildlife, including elephants, chimpanzees, buffaloes, and crocodiles. These animals often gather at the lake for water, offering visitors incredible opportunities for wildlife observation.

Lake Edward is a haven for birdwatchers, attracting a multitude of migratory water birds throughout the year. The lake’s unique wetland habitat provides a stopover for various species, including the lesser flamingo, which has been sighted several times. Birdwatchers can also spot other water birds such as herons, egrets, and pelicans.

The conservation of Lake Edward’s fragile ecosystem is crucial for maintaining its status as a Ramsar site and ensuring the sustainability of the local communities that depend on the lake for their livelihoods. As a key feature of Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Edward offers visitors a wealth of natural beauty and opportunities to witness the harmony between wildlife and local human activity.

Things To Do At Lake Edward

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the Kazinga Channel and experience its wonders from a fresh perspective. Guided by an expert ranger, you’ll be immersed in the rich flora and fauna that make this waterway a haven for wildlife enthusiasts.

Prepare for memorable encounters with energetic elephants, bathing buffaloes, and other fascinating wildlife that inhabit the channel. Your boat cruise will take you past some of the eleven fishing villages within Queen Elizabeth National Park, providing insight into the local culture and way of life.

Two independent boat cruise operators offer tours on the Kazinga Channel: the Uganda Wildlife Authority and Mweya Safari Lodge. Both options provide quality experiences, costing around $30 per person and lasting approximately 2 hours.

Mweya Safari Lodge offers visitors the choice between its comfortable ten-seater boat, The Sunbird, and its luxurious twelve-seater boat, The Kingfisher. While both vessels boast experienced guides and crew, The Kingfisher provides an elevated experience with added luxury, including refreshments and canopies for sun protection.

Apart from observing a variety of mammals, your journey may also take you past Lake Edward, a haven for wildlife and birdwatchers alike. Although known for their bulky shape and short legs, hippos can surprise you with their speed, running up to 19 mph.

A boat cruise along the Kazinga Channel offers a unique and enriching way to appreciate the beauty and diversity of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Don’t miss the chance to witness this stunning landscape and its inhabitants from the comfort of a guided cruise.

Where To Stay

When visiting the Kazinga Channel and Queen Elizabeth National Park, there are several accommodation options to choose from, catering to different budgets and preferences. Whether you prefer a luxurious lodge, a mid-range hotel, or a budget-friendly campsite, you can find a place to stay that suits your needs. Here are some recommended options for accommodation near the Kazinga Channel:

Luxury Lodges

  1. Mweya Safari Lodge: This iconic lodge is situated on a peninsula with panoramic views of the Kazinga Channel and Lake Edward. It offers comfortable rooms, luxury suites, and a variety of amenities such as a swimming pool, spa, and restaurant.

  2. Kyambura Gorge Lodge: Located near Kyambura Gorge, this lodge offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape. It features elegantly designed rooms and cottages, a spa, and an infinity pool.

  3. Ishasha Wilderness Camp: Although located in the southern sector of the park, this luxury camp offers a serene and exclusive experience with spacious tents overlooking the Ntungwe River.

Mid-Range Accommodations

  1. Engiri Game Lodge & Campsite: This lodge is located near the channel and offers both cottages and tented accommodations. The lodge provides guided tours and boat cruises on the Kazinga Channel.

  2. The Bush Lodge: Offering a blend of comfort and natural beauty, this lodge features self-contained cottages and luxurious tents. It’s conveniently located near the channel and other park attractions.

  3. Park View Safari Lodge: Situated close to the park’s entrance, this lodge provides spacious rooms with modern amenities. It’s an excellent option for those seeking comfort and convenience.

Budget-Friendly Options

  1. Pumba Safari Cottages: Offering budget-friendly accommodations, Pumba Safari Cottages provides a comfortable stay with cottages and camping options.

  2. Simba Safari Camp: This camp offers budget-friendly accommodation options, including rooms and dormitories. It is located near the park’s northern sector and offers easy access to the Kazinga Channel.

  3. Queen Elizabeth Bush Lodge: Although considered mid-range, this lodge offers affordable rates for budget travelers. It features tented camps and cottages, all set in a tranquil environment.

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