Uganda Tours And Activities

Uganda Tours And Activities

Uganda Tours And Activities – With a population of slightly over 40 million people, Uganda stands as a landlocked country renowned for its warm and hospitable locals. Exploring Uganda should undoubtedly grace your bucket list, not only for the array of popular and populous activities but also for the genuine smiles and welcoming nature of its people.

Living up to its title “The Pearl of Africa,” Uganda boasts a plethora of unique features, sites, and sounds awaiting exploration during Uganda Safaris. While gorilla trekking remains a top draw, there are numerous other activities to partake in that may not fall strictly under the safari category but can be seamlessly combined to create a comprehensive Uganda Safari experience.

They Include;

1. Uganda Agri Tours: Coffee, Vanilla, and Tea Plantation Tours

For agricultural enthusiasts, Uganda offers a plethora of plantations to explore and learn more about plantation agriculture. Take a tour to a vanilla plantation near Kibale National Park or visit a tea plantation. Alternatively, you can choose to explore an Arabica coffee plantation near Sipi Falls. These tours will guide you through the planting, harvesting, and processing processes, allowing you to taste the final product. Indulge in some of the finest beverages grown on the African continent during your Uganda Tour.

2. Uganda Wildlife Tours – Queen Elizabeth National Park

Uganda, like other African countries, offers thrilling wildlife tours. Parks such as Lake Mburo, Queen Elizabeth, and Murchison Falls are easily accessible from urban centers. To fully experience these parks, consider a 3-day wildlife safari, such as the 3-day Murchison Falls tour or the 3-day Lake Mburo tour. For those short on time, a 2-day Queen Elizabeth safari is also an option.

3. Gorilla Tour Uganda – Bwindi Forest National Park

Gorilla tours are among the most sought-after experiences in Uganda and worldwide. These tours take place in two national parks located in southwestern Uganda. Bwindi National Park, home to 80% of Uganda’s mountain gorillas, is the most popular, while Mgahinga National Park is home to the remaining 20%. Gorilla tracking is a bucket-list activity in Uganda that no tourist should miss.

Uganda offers a myriad of tour activities beyond these highlights. Contact us for more information or explore our sample tours for further details.

4.  Namugongo Martyrs Shrine

Situated 15 kilometers from Kampala city lies the Namugongo Martyrs Shrine, a site where 20 Catholics and Anglicans were tragically burnt alive in 1886 under the orders of King Mwanga for their unwavering faith. Every 3rd of June, people from across East Africa and beyond gather to commemorate the lives of these martyrs through prayers. While the shrine is open for visits daily, it gets particularly crowded on the 3rd of June. It’s advisable to visit on other days, but if you wish to participate in the prayers, the 3rd of June is recommended, albeit requiring a trek to reach the site as only a few cars are allowed to access the actual site.

5.  Ssese Island Tour Uganda

The Ssese Islands comprise an archipelago of 84 islands nestled in Lake Victoria. During the Ssese Island tour, visitors can explore local fishing communities, embark on boat tours to neighboring islands, engage in fishing activities, and venture into the islands’ farms and forests through nature walks.

5. Chimpanzee Tour Africa – Kibale Forest National Park

Uganda boasts over 13 different primate species, making chimpanzees one of the most sought-after animals on safaris. Chimpanzees can be spotted in various locations such as Kibale National Park, Murchison Falls Park, and Queen Elizabeth National Park. A two-day trip to any of these parks offers an opportunity to observe chimpanzees in their natural habitat.

6. Mabira Forest Uganda Tour

Mabira Forest, one of the largest forests in central Uganda, is just an hour’s drive from Kampala, the capital city. The forest offers a range of activities including nature walks and a recently introduced zip-line adventure, which costs USD 50 per person and lasts approximately 30 minutes. En route to Mabira Forest, a stop at Ssezibwa Falls provides insight into the cultural history of the falls. A visit to Mabira Forest also presents an opportunity to interact with the local communities surrounding the forest.

7. Bahai Temple Tour Uganda

Uganda hosts one of the few Bahai temples globally, situated on Kikaaya Hill, just 3 miles north of Kampala. Completed in 1961, the Bahai temple is a nine-sided structure surrounded by park-like grounds, inviting visitors to picnic amidst its lush greenery. The temple’s serene atmosphere, adorned with abundant trees and fruits, offers a tranquil setting for reflection and appreciation of its beauty.

8. Abseiling

Experience the thrill of abseiling near Mbale town or Mount Elgon National Park. This adventurous activity, taking place beside Sipi Falls, lasts for two hours. Descend next to a pool where you can opt for a refreshing dip before ascending back to the hills.

9. Kampala City Tour

Explore the vibrant and bustling city of Kampala, Uganda’s capital, which boasts a population of over 3 million people with diverse cultures, beliefs, and interests. A walking tour of Kampala provides insight into the city’s dynamic atmosphere, including visits to the Taxi Park, Owino Market, and the Gadhafi Mosque.

10. Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Tour

Located in the middle of Lake Victoria, Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary is home to over 49 orphaned chimpanzees. Embark on a half-day or full-day tour to observe these chimpanzees during feeding time and learn about their behavior. Participate in feeding sessions or opt for an overnight stay to spend more time in this unique setting.

11. Jinja Source of the Nile Tour

Discover Jinja, a town renowned for being the source of the mighty River Nile. Explore the origins of the world’s longest river, believed to stem from Lake Victoria. Additionally, delve into the cultures and traditions of Eastern Uganda, including visits to the palace and traditional sites of the Basoga people.

12. Rafting

Engage in thrilling rafting adventures in Jinja along the majestic River Nile. Choose between half-day or full-day rafting excursions, including lunch. Navigate the river’s rapids and marvel at the beauty of this iconic waterway.

13. Sipi Falls Uganda Tour

Admire the breathtaking Sipi Falls nestled in Mount Elgon National Park. Take a nature walk to witness stunning views of the falls from both the top and bottom. Located just 3.5 hours from Kampala, this tour can be completed in a single day for those seeking a quick getaway.

14. Uganda Wildlife Education Centre Tour

Visit the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, formerly known as the Uganda Zoo, located in Entebbe. Explore a wide range of wildlife species found in Uganda’s national parks, including lions, wild snakes, and more. Participate in caregiving activities, spending a day caring for and feeding the animals.

15. Buganda Kingdom and Kasubi Tombs Tour

Discover the rich history of the Buganda Kingdom, one of Uganda’s prominent kingdoms. Visit the king’s palace on Mengo Hill to learn about the kingdom’s past and present. Explore the Kasubi Tombs, the burial grounds of Buganda kings, offering insights into the kingdom’s cultural heritage.


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